Grooming the Groom

On your man's big day, keep it clean, simple and handsome!

CLEAR SHAVE 3-in-1 Formula  Get a smooth, close and yet so very comfortable shave with this botanical-enriched, no water needed (!), clear shave gel. Your man can see where and what he's shaving (and sculpt til his heart's content) to ensure he looks just the way he wants for his wedding!

Power Hydrator Aftershave delivers extra hydration to minimize facial lines, and power boost his skin's natural moisture level.  Obliterate dryness and any dull looking skin for photos. 

911 Eye Gel is immediate RESCUE for your man's tired and over partied eyes!  Like a mini ice pack, it reduces puffiness and dark circles from around the eye area in minutes.  Walk down the aisle fresh and relaxed. 

LipAgent SPF 15 ensure that your man's lips are up to the task at hand on your special day!  Natural nutrients and vitamins smooth and soften his lips so that he's ready for anything ...............  

SRP Individual $87.50, Special Promotion Price $69 (Save more than 20%)



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